Monday, December 15, 2008

What happens to the organs?

If I told you what they did to the brain in mummification you wouldn't believe me! They would get a metal hook or wire and jam it up their nose and pull the brain out by pieces! If the brain wouldn't come out they would squish it until it was liquid and then they would drain the juice out until it all came out. Once they were done with that they would take all of their innards and mummify them outside of your body! The only organ that was left in the body was the heart because they thought it was they most important organ in the body. Also the Egyptians thought they would need their heart in the afterlife! The rest of the organs were put into canopic jars and then put into canopic boxes that were placed in a sarcophagus. The only thing cool about that is how awesome the canopic jars looked! Who would want their brain squished into juice! If that was me I would say"No way dude! Back up!" Anyone crazy enough to think that's cool is seriously disturbed!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why on earth did they put their organs in canopic jars?

Has anyone told you before that your innards will be put in canopic jars and mummified outside of your body! If so then you must have lived in the Old, Middle, or New Kingdom in Egypt! Egyptians thought canopic jars and canopic boxes were just a "storage unit" for their innards until they needed them back in the afterlife. If you asked someone today you would think I was talking about somewhere my stuff is were you have to pay 100 bucks a month! If you thought that your WRONG! To them it was an important process to mummify each organ one by one... BORING!

What were canopic jars held in?

As crazy as canopic jars are they aren't the only "canopic" item. A canopic box is what canopic jars are held in when put into the sarcophagus. Usually these boxes are made from wood. They would also have hieroglphics on their box about them or their life.

I wonder what canopic jars looked like?

Every canopic jar has gods head on the lid. As I would say "big jars with animal heads as lids." Some of the jars had the mummies name and title in hieroglphics on them. In the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom the canopic jars were made from wood, pottery, stone, or clay.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What are canopic jars?

Canopic jars are to hold the mummies organs, but if you asked me that is really weird! Who would want their organs mummified outside of their body and then put into canopic jars!?!? All through the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom they used canopic jars to hold the mummies organs! In the Old Kingdom they only used the canopic jars for pharaohs and anyone who was rich enough.
An ancient god called Horus had 4 sons that protect the mummies organs untill the mummy needs them in the afterlife. Each one of Horus's sons are represented by one of the canopic jars. Duamutef is a jackal, Qebehsenuef is a hawk, Ameset is a human, and Hapy is for a baboon.

What does each canopic jar represent?

What were the canopic jars made out of?

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