Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why on earth did they put their organs in canopic jars?

Has anyone told you before that your innards will be put in canopic jars and mummified outside of your body! If so then you must have lived in the Old, Middle, or New Kingdom in Egypt! Egyptians thought canopic jars and canopic boxes were just a "storage unit" for their innards until they needed them back in the afterlife. If you asked someone today you would think I was talking about somewhere my stuff is were you have to pay 100 bucks a month! If you thought that your WRONG! To them it was an important process to mummify each organ one by one... BORING!


  1. I really like this title it was a good choice. It went really well with the info that you had in your post

  2. Your right Katie I also thought that the title was cool and explained the topic.:)