Monday, December 15, 2008

What happens to the organs?

If I told you what they did to the brain in mummification you wouldn't believe me! They would get a metal hook or wire and jam it up their nose and pull the brain out by pieces! If the brain wouldn't come out they would squish it until it was liquid and then they would drain the juice out until it all came out. Once they were done with that they would take all of their innards and mummify them outside of your body! The only organ that was left in the body was the heart because they thought it was they most important organ in the body. Also the Egyptians thought they would need their heart in the afterlife! The rest of the organs were put into canopic jars and then put into canopic boxes that were placed in a sarcophagus. The only thing cool about that is how awesome the canopic jars looked! Who would want their brain squished into juice! If that was me I would say"No way dude! Back up!" Anyone crazy enough to think that's cool is seriously disturbed!


  1. I really like this posy. You have good voice at the begning but it starts to die down towards the end of the post . But I really like all the info that you had about the organs

  2. You had excellent info, and you really thought out what you were going to say, and the thing about the nose and the brain,EWWW!